Conscious Eating


Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Conscious Eating has been referred to as the "Bible of Vegetarians," for both beginners and advanced students of health. This classic work in the field of live-food nutrition is an inspirational journey and a manual for life. Included is new information on enzymes, vegetarian nutrition for pregnancy, and an innovative international 14-day menu of gourmet, Kosher, vegetarian, live-food cuisine, plus 150 recipes.

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Foreword Author's Update xv Introduction xix
Part I. Principles of Individualizing the Diet 1 1. Perspectives on Individualizing One's Diet 5 2. Assimilation of Mother Nature's Energies 27 3. A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Personalizing Your Diet: Linking Food Ratios to Physiological Types 43 4. Personalizing Your Diet to Your Body-Mind Constitution 89 5. Foods That Can Balance or Unbalance Your Constitution 133 6. Subtle Food Messages from Nature 151 7. Food Effects on Body, Mind, and Spirit 163 8. Deficient Diet: A Cause of Physical and Mental Degeneration 187 9. The Addictive Brain 205 10. Fasting Feeds the Spirit 229 11. Acid-Base Balance, A Basic Key to Health 239 12. A New Paradigm of Nutrition 273 Part II. The Choice of Vegetarianism 283 13. General Guidelines for a Healthy Diet 287 14. Vegetarianism: A Step Toward Health and Harmony 307 15. Do Vegetarians Get Enough Vitamin B12? 327 i6. Doubts About a Vegetarian Diet 345 17. Judaism and Torah (Old Testament) Teachings on Vegetarianism 359 18. Jesus and Vegetarianism . . . 377 19. Vegetarianism in the World's Religions . 397 Part III. Transition to Vegetarianism. 407 20. The Change to Vegetarianism 411 21. Stage One: I Have No "Beef" with This 427 22. Stage Two: Not a Time to Go Fishing 23. Stage Three: Developing a Vegetarian Diet 24. Stage Four: Olympic Vegetarian Diet 25. Safe and Healthy Public Water, A Nostalgic Wish 26. Enzymes: A Secret of Health and Longevity 27. Live-Food Nutrition, A Gift of Nature 28. Traveling in the Raw 585 29. How Diet Can Protect You from the Dangers of Radioactive Radiation 595 3o. Nutrition for Pregnancy 625 Part IV. The Art of Live-Food Preparation 659 Herbs for Balancing Doshas 667 Masala Recipes ..673 Nut and Seed Recipes 677 Grain Recipes • 686 Vegetable Entrées . ....... Soups. . Salads. 705 Salad Dressings 713 Sauces, Spreads, and. Dips 720 Sea Vegetable Recipes .726 Fruit Dishes 732 Fermented Foods . . .• 735 Dehydrated Foods. . 748 Desserts 755 Smoothies. 756 Fourteen-Day Menu 757 Soaking and Sprouting 763 Bibliography. 7 7 1 Recommended Reading List • . Glossary Appendix 1. EM": A Boon for the New Millennium 809 Appendix 2. Raw-Food Resource List 815 Index

"In this book, an expanded revision of his 1992 work, Cousens endeavors to make his readers aware of how their food choices affect their bodies, minds, emotions, and spiritual life. He emphasizes there is no one-diet-fits-all approach, but rather a consciousness on the part of the individual of what works. He includes information on the oxidative, autonomic, ayurvedic, anabolic-catabolic, endocrine, blood-type, and acid base diet systems. In personalizing a diet, the individual needs to answer these questions: • Am I emotionally stable after eating? • Do I have increased physical energy after eating? • Am I craving any foods? "Cousens details studies where poor diets were fed to indigenous groups such as the Kurds, Yemenites, and Zulus. The indigenous people studied had been introduced to highly refined carbohydrate foods and suffered from degenerative conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. He points to a diet of fast, frozen, and processed foods, adopted by Americans and peoples of most industrialized nations, as one that is inadequate. He characterizes this diet as one loaded with refined sugar, white flour, and pesticides. "The author establishes guidelines for healthy eating by recommending that people consume natural, whole, and organic foods and that the diet be primarily fresh, live raw foods. He advocates a high-complex-carbohydrate, low-protein, and low-fat regimen with attention to receiving adequate sunlight. Deep breathing, bathing, and contact with nature in the form of gardening or hikes all have therapeutic effects. "In this era where so many things are condensed or encapsulated, reading a book with 850 pages is a daunting task. In this case, it's worth the effort. In Conscious Eating Gabriel Cousens has compiled a handbook that emphasizes the benefits of a raw food diet. He has woven together many philosophies from around the world and incorporated them into a body-mind-spirit program that will be beneficial to the individual and to all mankind. The book is a valuable reference tool that belongs in every vegetarian's library." —

About the Author
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. is an internationally celebrated spiritual teacher, author, lecturer, world peace worker, and physician of the soul. He is the world’s foremost physician promoting live food nutrition for physical health and spiritual growth. He received his M.D. degree from Columbia Medical School in 1969, and completed his psychiatry residency in 1973. As a leading researcher and practitioner in the field of rejuvenation, he specializes in the healing of many chronic degenerative diseases. To the healing process he also brings experience as a homeopathic physician (M.D. (H)), Diplomate in Ayurveda, family therapist, and live-food nutritionist. Dr. Cousens is also a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.), a Rebbe who has received rabbinical initiation, a student of Ecstatic Kabbalah since 1986, a certified Senior Essene Teacher in the Kabbalistic tradition, a recognized Yogi, a four-year Sundancer adopted into the Lakota Nation, and the White Buffalo Spirit Dance Chief. He is the author of a number of titles, including Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, Spiritual Nutrition, Depression-Free for Life, Creating Peace by Being Peace, and Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing, co-authored with David Wagner, the creator of the Tachyon process. Dr. Cousens presents seminars worldwide on many topics including health and nutrition, psycho-spiritual healing, meditation, and spiritual awareness. Dr. Cousens founded and directs the Tree of Life Foundation, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and Tree of Life Health Practice in Patagonia, Arizona. He is a frequent guest on popular radio talk shows, and has published articles in health journals and popular magazines on a number of health, nutrition, and social topics.