Cultivating a Calm Mind


Cultivating a Calm Mind by Michelle Eckles

Local Sunshine Coast Author

What's Inside The 70 Page Book?
Mindfulness and meditation explained in easy to understand language. The mental, physical and emotional benefits of practising mindfulness meditation. ​How mindfulness and meditation work to reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus and clarity.

Over 30 ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life (page 7).
​6 Steps to establishing a practice (page 25). ​
Breathing exercises to reduce feelings of overwhelm quickly and effectively (page 34). ​
Relaxation techniques to reduce muscle tension and pain and improve the quality of your sleep (page 42). ​
Tools to stop overthinking and manage your thoughts (page 51).
Methods to process emotions and stop being overwhelmed by them or developing emotional phobia (page 59).
10 x Questionnaires and worksheets to help you implement these practices into your daily life.
7 x Audios of guided exercises (accessible via QR codes).
4 x Video demonstrations (accessible via QR codes).
4 x Meditations (accessible via QR codes).​

This book is for people who: Worry a lot. ​Lay awake at night ruminating over what happened during the day. ​Waste time thinking about the past. ​Are sensitive to criticism. ​Get overwhelmed easily. ​Have trouble sleeping. ​Struggle to focus and want to be more productive at work. ​Are ready to start living their lives with intention rather than on autopilot. Need to practise some self-care. Understand the importance of mental health. ​Want to stop overthinking and being controlled by their thoughts. ​Get overwhelmed by their emotions or don't want to feel them. ​​​Are going through some life challenges such as raising children, work stress, boredom in retirement, a relationship break down, uncertainty or instability.

Replacement Value: $50