Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini-Me to Magnificent


Hot Confidence: Conscious Pathways to Take You from Mini-Me to Magnificent by Nadine Love

Sunshine Coast Author

You know you're here to make a difference. Would you like to
become aware fullest potential and how to engage it? Perhaps low
self-confidence is preventing you from sharing your talents, message and
love with the world. How many of your brilliant ideas die in the dust
of self-doubt? That doesn't have to happen to you. Is this you? Are you
missing out on a great relationship? Are you passionate about your
career? Are you happy? If you're frustrated with your answer to any of
these important life questions, you need a jolt of Hot Confidence. In
this life-changing book, you'll discover how to cultivate sizzling
self-esteem, so you can live and love without reservation or fear;
engage your power and passion, so you can clear and align your
intentions and actions; master your inner magnetic potential, so you
attract the relationships and opportunities you deserve; develop solid
self-belief in order to fully experience and share your positive
transformation express your talents and opinions, so you can live boldly
and authentically. Through an exciting new blend of ancient healing
knowledge and modern principles of the subtle energy system with
cutting-edge findings from neuro-linguistic programming and positive
psychology, human-potential expert Nadine Love offers a breakthrough
approach to learning self-esteem. Isn't it time to harness your unique
potential and power?

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