Native Plants Native Healing


Native Plants Native Healing by Tis Mal Crow

Traditional Muskogee Way

Tis Mal Crow studied the medicinal use of plants and traditional native root doctoring techniques from childhood. He shared his knowledge and insights on how to gather herbs respectfully and use them to make tinctures, teas, liniments, oils, lotions and salves for medicinal use. Twenty-two Eastern Woodland plants are profiled and identified by their doctrine of signature, which ailments respond to their treatment, and what type of application works best. The importance of responsible harvesting is stressed, as a number of wild medicinal plants face extinction due to over harvesting.

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Tis Mal Crow, Root Doctor Introduction Responsible Harvesting Versus Cultivation 10 Some Words of Caution 12 Gathering Herbs 15 Getting started 15 Doctrine of signatures 15 Kofumu and communicating with plants 16 Taboos 18 Sacred harvesting of herbs 18 Moon phases and harvesting 20 Barking trees 20 Gathering—looking in the right places 22 Common sense and safety tips 22 Hunting and gathering laws 23 Buying herbs 24 Making Medicines 26 Utensils 26 Making teas 28 Disposal of herbs 29 Alcohol 30 Making tinctures 30 Cutting tinctures 31 Making liniments 32 Quick starting a tincture or liniment 33 Making oils for internal use 34 Making oils, lotions, and salves for external use 34 Transdermals - absorbing medicine through the skin, Capsules and and pills other medicine delivery on smoke, steam, and spiritual fumigants The Plants Sweet Leaf/Wild Bergamot Bloodroot False Solomon's Seal Echinacea Solomon's Seal Calamus Sassafras St. John's Wort Sweet Fern Tansy Tulip Poplar Violet Wintergreen Yarrow Birch Boneset Bull Thistle Catnip Cattail Cherry Dandelion Field Horsetail/Scouring Rush Medicinal Plants Index Index by Symptom and Usage