Parenting by Heart


Parenting by Heart by Pinky McKay

Sleeping, Feeding, and gentle care for your baby’s first year The secret to success is in acknowledging that babies come in all shapes and sizes.

This book will help you find the best solutions for your baby. 'The confidence your wisdom instills in new mums is parenting gold.' NAOMI Everyone loves to tell a new parent what they 'should' be doing. But you know best what your baby needs; you just have to trust your instincts. Pinky McKay has helped thousands of parents feel confident and in tune with their baby. Every day she works hands on with mothers and their babies, helping to take the stress out of life with a newborn.

In this essential guide to your baby's first year, Pinky provides the best information available on- - how to feed your baby - how to get your baby to sleep - how to stop your baby crying - surviving the first six weeks and beyond - how life changes when you have a baby - routines that will suit everyone and much, much more.

The secret to success is in acknowledging that babies come in all shapes and sizes. This book will help you find the best solutions for your baby.

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Introduction 1
1. Bonding with your unborn child
2. Your body, your baby, your birth 10 Be prepared 1 Pregnancy and birth-care choices 14 Testing times 19 The best-laid plans 21
3. Birth 25 It's a birthday, not a party 26 Helpful hormones 27 Special delivery 31 Great expectations 31 Planning your babymoon 33
4. The essential items 35 Baby gear 36
5. The first six weeks a survival guide 46 Ditch the rules 47 Day 1 49 Day 2 52 Days 3-5 53 Week 2 56 Weeks 4-5 57 Week 6 and onwards 59 Feed, play, sleep 64
6. Bonding after birth 66 Bonding and attachment 67 The chemistry of attachment 70 Love through the senses 73 Massage 82 Attunement A little respect, please Daddy rejection?
7. feeding Why breast is best How long should I breastfeed? misinformation Whose breasts?A confidence game Preparing to breastfeed Breastfeeding 'equipment' Position maters When your milk comes in Milk let-clown Hungry or thirsty? Watch your baby, riot the clock Engorgement Fluctuating milk supply Supplement feeds Too much milk Expressing milk When breastfeeding hurts What if I have 'flat' nipples? Nipple shields Baby on strike! Night-time feeding Fading to sleep Out and about with your nursing baby Breastfeeding and alcohol breastfeeding and returning to work 'He's to big for that Weaning gradually, with love Bottle-feeding Starting solid foods 161
8. Sleeping 164 Understanding how babies sleep 168 A safe sleep space 172 Reducing the risk of SIDS 173 Three is not always a crowd 176 A bed of their own 180 Helping your baby to sleep 181 can I feed to encourage longer sleep? 192
9. Playing 195 You are your childs best toy 195 The benefits of baby play 196 Appropriate toys 197 Tummy time 201 How do I play? 204
10. Crying 209 Real babies 210 Baby training? 210 When the crying gets trying 217 Why do babies cry? 218 Is my baby unwell? 241
11. Nurturing yourself 247 Losing yourself? 247 Surrender! 249 What's missing? 250 Keeping burnout at bay 252 Mothers matter too 253 Gaining perspective 256 Making it through the day 258 Asking for help 267 Saying 'no' 267 Sharing the load 268 Dealing with guilt 270 A cheer squad
12. postnatal depression crying more than your baby? Someone to hear Inc
13. Body image Your pregnant body Your post-birth body 'My brain has shrunk' `You look great!' Oh, what a friend we have in Tim Tams 14. Relationships planning for change Talking, not shouting `Planning' spontaneity When sex is a pain Mixing friendships and parenting Grandparents Kissing sing strangers Resources Allergies and food intolerance
Breastfeeding Parenting information and support Postnatal depression Relationship services