Standing on the Sun


Standing on the Sun by Christopher Meyer with Julia Kirby

How the explosion of capitalism abroad will change business everywhere For half a century the US has sat at the center of the global economic system, and Western-style capitalism has dominated. Now, it's no secret that the center of gravity is shifting. The advanced economies that in 2000 consumed 75% of the world's output will, by 2050, consume just 32%. Meanwhile, the emerging economies of the world–Brazil, India, China, and others—will surge forward.

Based on firsthand observations of companies defying capitalism's old rules yet prospering, the authors outline compelling new principles for commercial success.

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Introduction The center of capitalism? 1
Part I Capitalism Adapts
ONE Capitalism's New Center of Gravity 15
The shifting environment of the global economy 41
Two Cambrian Capitalism Runaway feedback, the peacock's tale, and the evolution of capitalism Part II Runaways and Renaissance
THREE Capitalism in Color 69 What doesn't get measured . . . needs to be
FOUR Embracing Externalities 95 How corporations will adapt to new forms of feedback
FIVE Pseudocompetition 121
Killing the sacred cow of capitalism
SIX The Invisible Handshake 151
Collaborative production as the world's business model
SEVEN The Fourth Sector 181
The social sector as capitalism's R&D lab Part III Moving On
EIGHT Call It Capitalism 221
Global monopolies and national business models
NINE . . . And Move On 255
The new multinational as the vector of economic evolution

"Standing on the Sun offers a mash-up of provocative ideas, observations, and predictions." -- strategy+business magazine "insightful look at how the information economy is reshaping companies and economies" -- Bloomberg BusinessWeek
An imaginative masterpiece! This is the most complete and creative book I know on how the world economy is changing and what it means for the strategies and tactics that leaders all over the world need to implement. Reading the book is a compelling journey, as Meyer and Kirby first explain the key features of the new capitalism that is emerging around the world and then provide advice for businesses and leaders in this new world. -- Bob Sutton
"Standing on the Sun is a powerful way to describe and look at what's happening in our global economy and the world of capitalism." -- "extremely well written and researched book" -- Business Traveller
"It's a revelatory romp through this economic and cultural moment with powerful implications for any leader wrestling with the crucial questions of our day: what is business for, how do we create value and what does it mean to win?" -- Management Innovation eXchange
"Standing on the Sun delivers on the promise of giving businesses a whole new way to look at the system of capitalism. You can agree or disagree--but you should definitely read Standing on the Sun to find out where you stand." -- Small Business Trends ( "Excellent new book." -- The Financial Times

About the Author
Christopher Meyer is founder of Monitor Talent, a unit of Monitor Group, and writes frequently on business strategy. Among his past books is Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy. Julia Kirby is editor-at-large at Harvard Business Review.