Successful Self-Dentistry


Successful Self-Dentistry by Nadine Artemis

How to Avoid the Dentist Without Ignoring Your Teeth

This is a wonderful guide every family should own so you can learn yourself the most effective and essential ways to care for your teeth properly so you will always enjoy a healthy mouth.

Nadine covers some really important topics including: The importance of healthy teeth, gums and saliva and why each have important jobs to maintain proper balance in the mouth.The truth about toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth wash.Questions to ask a prospective dentist & how to prepare for a dental visit.The effect of processed foods on our teeth and what to eat for beautiful, healthy teeth instead.Oral care for children.8 steps to successful self dentistry. A breakdown of effective healing botanicals and herbs for certain conditions as well as Nadine's top picks for vitamins and supplements that increase the health of your teeth!Artemis' debut guide to improving your "oral ecology" explains simple, at-home treatments "your childhood dentist knew nothing about." - KIRKUS

Reviews Good news for the staggering 98 percent of the population with some form of periodontal disease: Depending on your overall health, inflamed gums can be turned around "within as short a time as 24 hours" and "without surgery". That's just one of the many encouraging messages Artemis imparts with her advice to help avoid "drill, fill and bill" dentists. After all, who wants to be tortured by orthodontic contraptions, antiseptic ethers and the "taste of fluoride, metal and foam" with solid science and footnotes, Artemis' book aims to make it easier to avoid the dentist through the practice of preventative measures, the use of essential plant extracts and an understanding of non-Western philosophies, such as adjusting bodily imbalances instead of merely treating symptoms. (Still, she provides online resources and a thorough list of questions to ask prospective, preferably holistic dentists

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Introduction Contents 1. Your Teeth are Alive A Tooth Tour, Super Saliva , The Gums: Turtlenecks for the Teeth , Bacteria and Decay 12 The Dentin: Whiteness Comes from Within 14 2. May be Harmful if Swallowed Fun with Flossing 20 Evolving Habits 3. Mad Hatters, Mavericks and Modern Dentistry A Visit to the Dentist in the Year 2022 23 Fillings: Heavy Metals by the Mouthful 27 A Safe Harbour for Bacteria: Root Canals and Jaw Cavitations 32 Questions to Ask a Prospective Dentist 34 Preparing for a Dental Appointment 36 4. Processed Food Equals Processed Teeth 5. Oral Care for Children 6. Successful Self-Dentistry in Eight Steps Step One: The Salt Rinse Step Two: Scraping the Tongue ". 57 Step Three: Brushing the Gums 57 Step Four: Polishing the Teeth 58 Step Five: Checking the Gum Lines 59 Step Six: Flossing 60 Step Seven: Final Rinse 60 Step Eight: Extra Care . 61 Simple Review of the Eight Steps .. 62 7. The Benefits of Botanicals 8. More Teeth Tip 9. Further Reading Resources 100