Welcome to Life Library,  

Life Library is a library of physical books, toys and equipment on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

It’s here to help you transform. Bringing you back to the simple pleasures in life.

Words are magic. One book, one sentence can change your life.

Life Library is here to facilitate that magic. That change. It provides the books for transformation – the knowing, the joy, the learning. It provides the equipment and toys to put the theory into practice.

It's a place to explore, create, play, be curious...

At Life Library:

You loan items, picking them up and returning them to your closest collection point (see list of collection points below) or you have them dropped off and picked up to your home or accommodation.

If you decide while loaning an item that you want to keep it, you can.

To Start Loaning:

- Find items by browsing all items, selecting a category, such as books, toys or equipment; or using the search on the top right to search a topic, title, author or word of interest

- When you find an item you want to loan, select add to cart

- Once you have selected all the items, view the cart

- Select checkout

- Select your rental duration. The default is 4 weeks.

- Select the date you would like to pickup your items (or have them delivered to your home or accommodation).

- Select your mode of receiving the items. You can select the Free option, which is to pick up and drop off from one of the many Life Library Collection Points around the Sunshine Coast, or if you prefer the convenience of the item coming to you, select Home Delivery and Pickup (for outside Sunshine Coast select Australia Wide Postage).

- If you’ve selected to pick up from a collection point, any date on or after the date you selected, you can pick up the item. You then return the item to the same place on or before the return date.

- If you forget to return items, you will be sent reminders, and charged for each week the item is overdue.

Keeping the Item:
During the loan period, if you decide you want to keep the item, let us know. You then make a payment  of the replacement value, less your initial rental payment, and the items yours.


- Items are loaned for four weeks at 1/10th of their replacement value. (members get 50% off, so members pay only 1/20th).

- If an item is not returned, you are charged a late fee of 1/10th of the replacement value for each week until the item is overdue, or the replacement value is paid in full (and then you own it).

So for example, if you select a book of $40 replacement value, the rental will be $4 for 4 weeks ($2 for members).

If you do not return the book, you will be charged $4 every week it is overdue. If the book is not returned and the full replacement value of $40 has been reached, you own the book and do not need to return it.

Membership Pricing

Members receive 50% off the initial 4 week rental on all items, 50% off home delivery and postage and free personal librarian services from the Life Librarian.

Membership is $45 per year


Where are the collection points (the free pickup/drop off areas)?

There's free collection points in Eumundi, Peregian Beach, Noosaville, Doonan, Bli Bli, Coolum, Maroochydore, Cotton Tree, Caloundra, Nambour, Maleny and more to come. The address is given when you place your loan order. Any questions, please contact us [email protected]

What suburbs do you provide paid Door Drop off/Pick Up to?

If you draw a line from Noosa to Cooroy to Nambour to Caloundra and back to Noosa via Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and Coolum. We drop off to your door in all suburbs within that area. If you are outside of this area (eg Maleny, Kennilworth, Glass House Mountains) please contact us as we can arrange a group drop off/pick up in your area.

What's the benefit of being a member?

Members receive 50% off the initial rental period and the door-to-door service or postage. So for example, if an item has a replacement value of $80, a non-member would pay $8 for four weeks rental, while a member would pay only $4.  Members also receive 50% off delivery and free personal librarian services.

How do I receive the items?

- If in the Noosa/Sunshine Coast area, you can pick up the items from a collection point (see locations below), or choose home drop off/pick up, or postage.

- If you are outside this area, you can choose Postage.

How do I return the items?

- If you choose to pickup from a Collection point, you return the items in their Life Library packaging to the same location. If you choose Home Delivery and Pickup, you place them at your front door ready for pickup, on the date of return, or contact us to change the date.

What if I only want to hire the item for one day or one week, and not the full four weeks?

- That's fine. The rental fee is the same for all periods, up to four weeks. Simply loan the item and you can return the item on any day within the four week period.

How do I become a member?

- Go to the membership page and select add to cart. It will ask for a pickup date, select the first date available. Then checkout.

Is Renting, Hiring and Loaning the same thing?

For Life Library yes. Which ever word you want to use: hire, rent or borrow - we are fine with. The steps are the same.

I don’t live on the Sunshine Coast or in Noosa, can I still use Life Library?

- Yes, you can use the Library and also become a member. When checking out, select Postage. The postage shown is charged per 5kg and includes postage for pickup and for return.

What if the item breaks or is destroyed

- Just let us know. You can select to keep the item and be charged the replacement value, or return the item and be charged the repair cost.

If I loan out multiple items at once and the rental total comes to say $200, do I still get 50% off as a member?

- Yes, that’s the benefit of being a member. You get a great discount on all the items you loan. For the membership discount to apply, become a member first, and then once you receive your membership email, you can place orders to receive your discount.

What if I forget to return the item?

- We send you reminders to let you know, and charge you the overdue fee weekly, until the item is returned.

What if I want to loan the item for longer, but don’t want to own it?

- At checkout you can select up to 6 weeks rental. If you selected 4 weeks and during that time decide you need it a little longer, that’s fine, just let us know. You are then charged 1/10th of the replacement value for each week you extend the rental.

How do I know the replacement value of an item?

- On the product details page, the replacement value is shown in the description area

Can I Request an Item or Make a Suggestion?

Yes, please do. You can make suggestions for toys, equipment and books here https://lifelibrary.net/pages/suggestions

Can I Pay with Cash, Crypto or Barter?
We accept cash, crypto (including TPR - the peoples reserve crypto coin) and Barter for payment. The website checkout can only handle credit card right now, so if you would like to pay by cash, crypto or barter, please email [email protected]

You are a Library, why do you charge?

We are a private, independent library. Our members and customers fund the library and help us grow the collection of items you can choose from.

Do members get a discount on the late fees?

- No, members do not get a discount on late fees

Do members get a discount on the replacement value?

- No, members do not get a discount on the replacement value

What is your Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use?

Life Library's privacy policy, website terms of use and disclaimer, can be seen here.

What are your Hire Contract terms?

You can see the Hire Contract terms here.