Welcome to Life Library,  

Life Library is an online store of physical books, jewellery, plants and holistic equipment on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

It’s here to help you transform. Bringing you back to the simple pleasures in life.

Words are magic. One book, one sentence can change your life.

Life Library is here to facilitate that magic. That change. It provides the books for transformation – the knowing, the joy, the learning. It provides the equipment to put the theory into practice.

It's a place to explore, create, play, be curious...

At Life Library:

You buy items and we ship them to you. All prices include shipping to anywhere in Australia.

If at some stage you would like to return the item, you can by shipping it back. We then give you 50% of the value of the item returned to spend on your next purchase.

So for example if you purchase a book for $40. When you return it, you have $20 to spend on your next purchase.

Membership Pricing

Members receive an extra 10% off each purchase.

Membership is $99 per year


Where do you ship to?

We ship to any address in Australia, including PO Box addresses.

How do I return an item for my 50% credit?

You return your item to PO Box 247 Peregian Beach Qld 4573. We only accept items returned in the same condition as when they were sent to you.

How do I become a member?

- Go to the membership page and select add to cart.

Can I Pay with Cash, Crypto or Barter?
We accept cash, crypto (including TPR - the peoples reserve crypto coin) and Barter for payment. The website checkout can only handle credit card right now, so if you would like to pay by cash, crypto or barter, please email [email protected]

What is your Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use?

Life Library's privacy policy, website terms of use and disclaimer, can be seen here.