Kalimba 17 Key Blue Ocean Whale Flat Board Maple


Kalimba 17 Key Blue Ocean Whale Flat Board Maple

Best Easy-to-Learn Musical Instrument Kalimba with beautiful design & ethereal sound

The kalimba is modelled after the ancient African musical instrument called the mbira Whereas the mbira originated in central and southern Africa around 10008C.

The varying styles of kalimba and mbira have endured for thousands of years and had numerous layouts, designs, and tunings. As a result, this instrument produces a warm ethereal sound that feels "like nature in a box". And most importantly, the experience of playing the kalimba will truly help you to relax and unwind. High Quality Material Made with high-quality mahogany. The solid wood structure provides a well-balanced long lasting sound.

Kalimba keys are made with selected ore steel bars, giving the tines high strength and durability.

Size 15cm x 13cm Weight 500g

This Kalimba arrives conveniently pre-tuned in the key of C, allowing you to delve into play immediately upon receipt of your order. In addition, the Kalimba can stay in tune for an extensive period, meaning you won't have to worry about tuning when you're just starting to learn. Additionally, it can be retuned to any other scale you prefer.

Easy To Learn
No musical background? No problem at alll The notes engraved on the tines make following sheet music a breeze. To play, simply hold the instrument between your palms, then use your thumbs to pluck the keys. You will have a beautiful melody in no time!

Replacement Value: $99