The Physics of Consciousness. In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plans, Animals and Human Souls


The Physics of Consciousness. In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plans, Animals and Human Souls by Ivan Antic

The true nature of consciousness is an issue of primary importance today. A great many deceptions exist today that create conflicts among humans and with nature itself. In the modern world, a real possibility exists that such a conflict could threaten the existence of humankind. It is logical to assume that every conflict is based on fundamental misunderstanding or lack of awareness of the true nature of existence. This is predicated on the notion that the consciousness and existence are the same thing.

All misinterpretations and conflicts are rooted in differentiating consciousness from existence, i.e. separating what goes on in our head from what goes on in the outer world and dividing our thoughts from our words and deeds. The aim of this book is to confirm the nature of external existence as an indivisible part of our consciousness and essence.

A logical framework of such a depiction of reality rests on the assumption that the consciousness which is in our mind is an integrated part of the same consciousness that creates the overall existence. Unlike what is thought traditionally, there is no multitude of consciousnesses; the consciousness is only one and the same in everything, it merely divides and utilizes itself in all of the aspects of existence.

Consciousness and existence are one and the same, and together they comprise our essence, or the soul. The true nature of consciousness and existence cannot be separated from the true nature of our essence or the soul. In other words, we cannot live in the world in one way, be aware in another, and relate to our essence in some completely different way.

The consciousness of our soul is inseparable from the world we live in. Our existence remains inauthentic, painful, and heartless, insofar as we keep ourselves apart from the consciousness of our soul; from consciousness itself; and from existence, as such. However, a simple statement that the consciousness and existence are the same is not enough.

To make their unity crystal clear, the functioning of the consciousness is presented here in detail in different dimensions of nature and through various forms, from the quantum field, minerals, plants, and animals to human beings and the development of culture, the issue of artificial intelligence, ethics, and, ultimately, the discipline of self-knowledge.

The unity of the divine consciousness that creates everything with our thoughts and actions is demonstrated and proved quite practically here. This is the only way in which a book that aspires to explain the world may have practical value.

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Table of Contents
Part I: Consciousness in the Non-Organic World 
Chapter 1 – The Quantum Field
Chapter 2 – The Quantum Field is Space Containing Only One Particle – There is No Multitude
Chapter 3 – Momentariness Enables the Overall Motion
Chapter 4 – The Overall Motion Generates Energy
Chapter 5 – The Consciousness in the Human Body
Chapter 6 – The Consciousness Outside the Body and the Role of the Brain
Chapter 7 – Consciousness and Time Through the Dimensions of Nature
Chapter 8 – The Principle of Circling of Consciousness from the Divine to Human and Back
Chapter 9 – Inner Senses and Extrasensory Perception
Chapter 10 – Consciousness and the Physics of the Quantum Field – Aether
Chapter 11 – Parallel Realities and the Dimensions of Nature
Chapter 12 – The Only Possible Movement is Across the Parallel Realities
Chapter 13 – A Few Examples of the Superiority of Consciousness Over the Physical Reality
Chapter 14 – The Consciousness Chooses Reality
Chapter 15 – Momentariness and All the Parallel Realities Are the Same Reality
Chapter 16 – Matter Exists Because it is Infinitely Faster Than Light
Chapter 17 – Conclusions of the First Part ~~~
Part II: Consciousness in the Organic World ~~~
Chapter 18 – The Manifestation of the Divine Consciousness of Itself Through the Cosmos, Life, and Phenomena
Chapter 19 – The Consciousness as Elements and Minerals
Chapter 20 – Consciousness Perfects Perception Through Plant Life
Chapter 21 – Animals Perfect Perception Through Movement and Simpler Actions
Chapter 22 – The Human Perfects Perception Through the Drama of Their Life
Chapter 23 – The Drama of Human Lives Contracts Information on Existence Into the Meaning of Existence
Chapter 24 – The Principle of Coercion on the Consciousness During the Process of Incarnation
Chapter 25 – The Opposition Between Coercion and the Purpose of Life Creates All the Civilization and Culture
Chapter 26 – There is no Consciousness Without Goodness and Correctness
Chapter 27 – Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 28 – Conclusions of the Second Part ~~~
Part III: The Human is a Conscious Subject of Both Organic and the Non-Organic World ~~~
Chapter 29 – The Incarnation of the Soul Through a Higher and Lower Consciousness of the Human Mind
Chapter 30 – The Cessation of Incarnation and the ‘Return’ of the Consciousness of the Soul to Itself
Chapter 31 – Synchronicity is Merging of the Parallel Realities Consciously
Chapter 32 – The Physics of the Self-Knowledge of the Consciousness
Chapter 33 – We Go Back to the Divine by Retracing the Same Steps that Took Us Away from It
Chapter 34 – The Ethics of the Self-Knowledge
Chapter 35 – The Physiology of the Self-Knowledge
Chapter 36 – Conclusions of the Third Part