The Spiritual Path: My Search for the Meaning of Life


The Spiritual Path: My Search for the Meaning of Life by Mira Mikulic

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Have you questioned where you came from, why your life has unfolded as it has and what will happen after you die? These questions began to interest me as a teenager after immigrating to Tasmania from communist Czechoslovakia with my family.

Join me on my journey from Czechoslovakia to Australia into a new life of extraordinary self-discovery. Read about my turbulent first Saturn return following my father's unexpected passing and how I became involved in an attempted murder case that completely turned my life around. Accompany me in learning about God, our spiritual origins, the creation of souls, life blueprints and other realms. Learn about spiritual laws such as karma and forgiveness. Discover how the cause of most illness starts at non-physical levels and learn about alternative methods of healing. Explore ways to reconnect with your own spiritual guidance to help you navigate your soul's journey. Whether you are just beginning or have progressed far on your soul's journey, this book has stories and resources to help you navigate the way forward.

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