Vibrational Medicine


Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.

The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

 This combination of ancient wisdom and new science is the definitive introduction to health care for modern times. The standard reference book on energetic healing, Vibrational Medicine has gained widespread acceptance by individuals, schools, and health care institutions nationwide as the textbook of choice for the study of alternative medicine.

Trained in a variety of alternative therapies as well as conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gerber provides an encyclopedic treatment of energetic healing, covering subtle-energy fields, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, electrotherapy, radiology, chakras, meditation, and psychic healing. He explains current theories about how various energy therapies work and offers readers new insights into the physical and spiritual perspectives of health and disease.

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Acknowledgments 10;
Foreword by William A. Tiller, Ph.D 12;
Introduction by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. 17;
Preface 21;
Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies
I. Of Holograms, Energy & Vibrational Medicine: An Einsteinian View of Living Systems 39
The Marvels of Laser Light.. Holography as a New Model of Reality 45
'As Above, So Below": The Holographic Principle in Nature 48
The Scientific Evidence.. A Search for the Etheric Body 51
Clues from the Phantom Leaf. The Etheric Body as a Hologram 54
News from the World article Physics: Matter as Frozen . Light & It's Implications for Medicine 56
"As Below, So Above". The Universe as a Cosmic Hologram 60
Chapter Summary.. New Energetic Principles for a New Age 65
II. Newtonian vs. Einsteinian Medicine: Historical Perspectives on the Art & Science of Healing 71
Herbal Medicine.. Drug Therapy's Earliest Beginnings 72 Homeopathic Medicine.. A Radical Step Beyond Herbs 72
The Wonders of Water.. What Makes It All Possible 77
A Subtle Energy Model for Healing with Homeopathy 80
III. The Earliest Beginnings of Medical Energetic Approaches: The Birth of Vibrational Medicine 91
The Discovery & Development of X-Rays: Early Medical Models of Using Energy for Diagnosis & Treatment 92
Electrotherapy: From Suppressing Pain to Healing Fractures 93
X-Rays Revisited.. The Development of the CAT Scanner 101
Beyond the CAT Scanner The Body According to MR1 103
A Step Beyond—EMR Scanning & Electrography: On the Threshold of the Etheric 106 IV. Frequency Domains & the Subtle Planes of Matter: An Introduction to Human Multidimensional Anatomy 119
The Physical-Etheric Interface: The Next Greatest Discovery in the Development of Vibrational Medicine 121
The Chakras & the Nadis: An Indian Subtle Energetic. Anatomy Lesson 128 The Astral Body: The Seat of Our Emotions & a Mechanism for Disembodied Consciousness 135
A Scientific Model of Frequency Domains: The Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time 143
The Mental Body, the Causal Body, & the Higher Spiritual Bodies 153
A Frequency Model of Our Extended Subtle Energetic Anatomy. A Framework for Understanding the Multidimensional Human Being . 155
Reincarnation & Human Transformation: A Multidimensional Model of the Evolution of Consciousness 161
V Subtle-Energy Systems & Their Relevance to Ancient Approaches toward Healing 173
Acupuncture & the Chinese Philosophy of Healing: Modern Approaches to an Ancient Method of Diagnosis & Treatment 173
Yin/Yang & the Five Elements: The Chinese View of Nature 175
Chronobiology & the Acupuncture Meridian System 182
The Acupuncture Meridian System as a Diagnostic Interface 185
The Meridian-Glial Cell Network: An Electrical Interface with the Human Nervous System 189
The Acupuncture Meridian System as a Therapeutic Interface: A Return to the Concept of Healing with Energy 198
VI. New Windows on an Unseen World: The Development of Subtle Energetic Technologies 203 Meridian-Based Diagnostic Systems: Hahnemann Updated with New Age Technologies 203
EAV & Environment Illnesses: A New Look at Clinical Ecology 215
From EAV to Radionics: A Pure Frequency Model of Diagnosis & Therapy 222
Mechanisms of Action in Radionics & Radiesthesia: A Further Look into the Chakra-Nervous System Link 226
VII. The Evolution of Vibrational Medicine: Learning to Heal with the Wisdom of Nature 241 Learning to Heal with Flower Remedies: Dr Bach Discovers the Hidden Gifts of Nature
A Revolution in Healing with Flower Essences: Gurudas' Contribution toward a Synthesis of Vibrational Medicine 248
Karma, Consciousness & the Crystalline Network: The Pineal Gland's Link with the Right Cerebral Hemisphere 255
The Problem of Miasms: Our Energetic Tendencies toward Illness 259
A Closer Look at Some of the Newer Flower Essences: Revolution
Methods of Healing at the Physical & Ethereal Levels 264
Gem Elixirs & Chromotherapy: Further Explorations into Healing with Vibration 271
The Healing Power of Sunlight & Water: New Revelations in Understanding the Vibrational Gifts of Nature 279
VIII. The Phenomenon of Psychic Healing: Exploring the Evidence for Undiscovered Human Potential 285
Psychic Healing as an Aspect of Human Potential: An Historical Look at its Evolution through the Ages 286
Modern Investigations into Psychic Healing: Scientists Examine the Biological Effects of Healers 289
Energetic Similarities Between Healers & Magnetic Fields: Science Takes a Closer Look at Animal Magnetism 295
Healing Energies & Negative Entropy: The Drive toward Increased Order & Cellular Organization 301
Dr. Krieger Looks at Healers & Hemoglobin: The Evolution of Therapeutic Touch 306 From Magnetic Passes to Spiritual Healing: A Multidimensional Model of Healing Energies 313
IX. Crystals & the Human Subtle Energetic System: The Rediscovery of an Ancient Healing Art 325
An Esoteric History of Crystalline Technologies: The Roots of Silicon Valley in the Lost Continent of Atlantis 328
Healing with Quartz Crystals: The Rediscovery of Ancient Tools for the Transformation of Illness 337
New Perspectives on the Mineral Kingdom: The Energies of Nature & the Seven Crystal Systems 349
Hidden Gifts from within the Earth: The Spiritual & Healing Qualities of Gems & Stones 357
X. The Interconnecting Web of Life: Our Relationship with the Chakras 369
A New Model of Illness & Wellness: Disease as a Manifestation of Chakra Dysfunction 370
Chakra Dynamics & the Spiritual Lessons of Personal Evolution 391
The Energies of Kundalini & the Search for Enlightenment: How the Chakras Function in the Development of Higher Consciousness 393
Meditation, Reincarnation & Human Illness: The Chakras as Repositories of Karmic Energy 399
Physiologic Concepts of Meditation & Enlightenment: Bentov's Model of Heart-Brain Resonance & the Physio-Kundalini Syndrome 401 XI. Holistic Healing & Paradigm Shifts: The Emergence of Medicine for the New Age 415
Vibrational Healing & Holistic Medicine: The Gradual Shift from Reductionism to Holism 422
Stress, Illness & Wellness: Creating New Definitions of Health Wholeness 436
XII. Personal & Planetary Evolution: Vibrational Healing & Its Implications for an Evolving Humanity 467
Personal Responsibility & Spiritual Growth: Our Innate Potential for Self-Healing 468
The Cosmic Cycle of Regeneration & Rebirth: Ancient Philosophies for a New Age 482
Vibrational Medicine as the Spiritual Science of the Future: The Next Evolutionary Step in Personal & Planetary Transformation 495
XIII. Recent Developments in Vibrational Medicine 503
The Comeback of Homeopathy 503
Flower Essences and Vibrational Elixirs 510
Electromagnetic Healing Devices and the Cure for Cancer: An Update and the Past Revisited 512
Vibrational Healing with Sound 519
Healers, the Human Heart, and the Earthfield Hypothesis: A Healing Connection 525
Appendix: The Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time . . 534 Notes 539
Glossary 554 Recommended Reading 566 Resource Guide 577 List of Diagrams 584 Index 585 Permissions 606 About the Author 607

"A veritable encyclopedia of new and old healing practices in which concepts of energy form the basis for diagnosis and/or treatment. . . . provides enough solid evidence and provocative insights to be of interest to both advocates and skeptics of unconventional medicine." ― Utne Reader
"This book is at the cutting edge of the whole health movement." ― Publishers Weekly
"Dr. Richard Gerber has provided a valuable step in thinking about the higher reaches of human beings beyond mechanics to the domain of mind and spirit, and shows how these issues will become crucial factors in the medicine of the future." ― Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words
"A landmark book, written with profound understanding, but in simple and readable language." ― Health World "[This book] proves to be a worthy reference work and a help to practitioners and patients alike. For those who wish to take responsibility for their own health, it is a valuable information resource." ― Jennifer Hoskens, New Dawn, Nov-Dec 2006
"For the serious student of whole body healing, this book is an essential purchase. . . . an invaluable resource both for healers and those who need a solid reference book on healing modalities." ― Pamela Crossland, TCM
" . . . a classic reference book for anyone seeking a comprehensive overview of the field of energy medicine. . . . manages to be quite the page-turner, by virtue of maintaining effervescent enthusiasm for the subject throughout. . . .strikes an easy balance between sharing ancient esoteric spiritual teachings, newer vibrational therapies, and scientific research. . . . Readers who are intrigued and open-minded to studying all these areas will find this book an absolute must-read. . . . I highly recommend VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE to anyone interested in a more complete understanding of the energies related to optimal health." ― RealityShifters News, August 2004
“Dr. Richard Gerber has provided a valuable step in thinking about the higher reaches of human beings beyond mechanics to the domain of mind and spirit, and shows how these issues will become crucial factors in the medicine of the future.” ― Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words
“. . . a thoughtful, well-written and excellent reference book for anyone working with subtle-energies and healing.” ― Alaska Wellness, May 2011