Meet the Authors

One book, one sentence, one word can change your life.... Meet the wonderful creators who are supporting Life Library and showering their golden droplets of knowledge, love and inspiration.

Michael J Roads

An excellent writer and spiritual teacher Michael has written 23 books about his metaphysical travels in the Greater Reality. Michael's books in Life Library
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Michael's Next Event:
Five Days with Michael . . . TOGETHERNESS March 2024, Maleny, Sunshine Coast

Leonie Laukkanen

For over 12 years Leonie has been teaching yogic principles, mindfulness, intuition and the art of living life using the guidance from our heart’s intelligence. She teaches women how to return to wholeness and wellness. Leonie's book Mother Om
Based in Brisbane
Leonie's Wild wilderness journey

Leonie's Corporate Wellness programs

Mark Bunn

Simple Wisdom for Conscious Living. Mark Bunn wants to create a SHIFT.  When it comes to health, happiness and high-performance, Mark invites you to look at a new approach .... a 'wisdom-based', higher consciousness approach. Mark's books in Life Library
Based in Australia

Helen Lauritzen

Helen helps you find your inner magical Goddess. A spiritual healer Helen opens you to your gifts and intuition and deep and beautiful revelation of your Soul Purpose. Helen's books
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Courses  Readings
Soul Purpose

Pam Gregory

Pam is a world renowned astrologer with a big heart and passion to help people. She sees astrology as a profound and sacred language of geometry and meaning that helps us to see the bigger picture, expanding our view of our life on Earth. Pam's books
Based in the UK

Tiffany Shlain

Tiffany Shlain is an artist, activist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, national  bestselling author, and the founder of the Webby Awards. Tiffany's book
Based in the USA speaking

Leonie McNamara

Leonie McNamara empowers you to take control of your life from the inside out! Once a skeptic of the "woo-woo stuff" and living a 'normal life'... Leonie discovered the power and magic of self-love and creating a healthy mindset through Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Reiki. Leonie's book
Based on the Sunshine Coast Sessions

Troy Devine

Troy is on a mission …To show people that life is about Individual Empowerment … That it is ok for you to step out into the unknown and fully explore who it is you are designed to be. Troy shows that  you have the power to make positive impact in the world, no matter how big or small. Troy's book The Soul's Path
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Troy's Signature Program podcast  

Samantha Moss

Living life in the fast lane for 30 years,  Samantha had a sudden change in life’s direction, due to a disability. Samantha had to learn how to live life differently and she shares her journey in her book My Medical Musings A Story Of Love, Laughter, Faith And Hope; Living With A Rare Disease
Based in Australia 

Grace & Ivan Cooke & White Eagle

The White Eagle Lodge is an International organization founded in England in 1936 by Grace and Ivan Cooke.  The name White Eagle in the  Native American tradition is symbolic and means a spiritual teacher. White Eagle Lodge embodies a path for living through LOVE “Love one another”, the golden key which unlocks the door of the heart. Books by Grace & Ivan Cooke and White Eagle Based on the Sunshine Coast, UK and USA Healing;   Retreat

LesleyAnn Crossingham

LesleyAnn Crossingham is an internationally recognised spiritual artist, clairvoyant, author and teacher. Lesley has travelled the world, studied on every continent and in all major schools of thought. She is a fully awakened Master-Teacher who brings the gems of enlightenment into every workshop or private session. Lesley's books
Based near the Sunshine Coast

Leonard Shlain

Leonard Shlain was a best-selling author, inventor and surgeon. Admired among artists, scientists, philosophers, anthropologists and educators, Shlain authored three best-selling books. His legacy continues with his children who helped bring this book to publication: Kimberly Brooks,  Jordan Shlain, and Tiffany Shlain.
Leonard's book

Richard Rudd

A teacher, mystic and award-winning poet, Richard Rudd’s inner journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing  throughout his body, culminating in a major spiritual experience at 29. Emerging from what he calls ‘a field of limitless light’, Richard was entrusted with a sacred  teaching – the wisdom of the Gene Keys. Richard's Books

     Brisbane Based Contact

Linda James

Linda is an Energetic Healer, Counsellor, Soul Wisdom Coach and Life Coach. Linda first discovered Energetic Healing in 1997 and this resulted in a  journey of self healing, greater awareness and personal and professional insight.  Linda's Book Seachange @ Work Discover what a difference an energised day makes!
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Maz Dela Cerna

Maz is an Author, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Coach. Maz believes No Matter What Kind Of Hand We Are Dealt, We Always Have The Power To Choose Our Next Mov. Maz's Book I Deserve Better
Based in Brisbane
Phoenix Rising Academy  Bali Retreat 2024

Dr. Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist Dr. Kaushik Ram is on mission to transform humanity from fear and lead from the heart. He brings together over a decade of study on the science of the brain and body. His discovery shows you how to biologically unlock the moment-to-moment responsiveness of the heart using the Precognition Method to release overwhelm and anxiety instead of attempting to calm the racing mind.  Dr Ram's Books
Based in India  Course Anxiety Masterclass

Bonnie Baty

Born, raised and surrounded by whānau (family) while growing up on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Māori  culture and its ancestral signs and symbols have strongly influenced Bonnie's life. The Wairua Intuitive Guidance Cards is the manifestation of her love, passion and deep respect for te ao Māori (the Māori world). 
Based in Australia

Alicia Bickett

Alicia is a Psychic and a Medium. I communicate with the living souls already in your life, your deceased loved ones  and your future lovers and babies. Alicia's soul work is in understanding unconditional love, which allows me to see your future relationships, to share beautiful insights and deep soul understanding... Alicia's Book 
Based in Australia
Alicia's Events - Tour Schedule

Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth spreads the healing powers of energy medicine, by merging spirituality with science. Her philosophy - Listen to your body and trust it, energy doesn’t lie. Every symptom you have is a message from your body trying to communicate something about you. If you can understand the message you can help yourself heal. Elizabeth's books.
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Energy Reset Course Kinesiology Professional Courses

Talita Sheedy

Talita is a Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Author & Yoga Teacher. Talita empowers people to align with and embrace the journey of health and its teachings along the way. Talita's book
Based on the Sunshine Coast
  Pregnancy Kit

Susie Nelson-Smith

Susie is passionate about crystal singing bowls, the mineral kingdom and being a positive voice for change. Her special focus is teaching and assisting people to find the crystal singing bowls perfect for them. Susie's book
Based on the Gold Coast

Crystal sound and Light Institute

Magenta Pixie

United we stand, divided we fall. Magenta and channelled messages coming from a collective energy known as the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine believe  it is time for the lightworkers, the mediums, the researchers, the scientists and all those with differing perspectives on the Earth changes to come together as a collective force, bringing forward their knowledge in  whatever way that may be. Magenta's books
Based in the UK
Videos  Meditations

Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedenborg Association

Illustrious scientist, Swedish statesman, keen inventor and spiritual philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci for the significant contribution he made in many fields of human endeavour, and for the enlightenment to be found in his esoteric writings which provides a blueprint for individual spiritual development and growth.  Emanuel Swedenborg Books
Australia office of the Association is based in Sydney.
    Association Events

Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl is a Danish mystic, author and teacher through White Dove teaching of the Essenes and Therapeuts. Lar's writing began after  he was struck down by an unexplained illness, which neither doctors nor alternative therapists could diagnose. After three years of being unable to move and confined to a bed, one phone call be a Seer healed him.   Lars Muhl's books
Based in Denmark

Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic offers a new science of the soul, combining scientific precision with a description of how the consciousness of the soul manifests itself. The true purpose of science is to perfectly manifest the consciousness of the human soul. The true purpose of the soul is to manifest itself with scientific precision. Ivan Antić’s books.
Based in the UK

Tim Heard

Tim is an entomologist and ex-CSIRO research scientist. He has been keeping Australian native stingless bees since 1985. He now keeps over 500 hives, obtained through rescuing threatened wild hives and  splitting existing hives. Tim continues to  develop new hive designs and  techniques that allow better splitting and extraction of sugarbag and wax. Tim's book
Based on the Sunshine Coast  Workshops

Dr Talia Steed

Doctor Talia's journey propelled her to explore beyond the realm of the physical, into the role of the mind and spirit in the health issues we face. Talia believes when we can understand the deeper messages our bodies are calling us to face, we can learn the lessons as the path to healing is the path to self-understanding. Talia's book
Based in in Australia  Workshops   Yoga Classes

Nadine Love

Nadine Love is passionate about her Family Law focus, and, in particular, supporting women and children to achieve their best legal outcomes. To her clients, Nadine brings a seasoned skill base in health and  well-being as a celebrated international author,  personal and business coach, drama therapist & motivational mentor. Nadine's books
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Jessica Ritchie

Jessica has 16+ years working in Marketing & Communication roles within large corporations with some of Australia’s leading brands. Jessica's obsession with branding businesses is what has led her to also work with high performing women and emerging female leaders on a personal branding level.  Jessica's Book
Based in Australia
Programs  Events

Mark Hocknell

Mark Hocknell’s experience covers three decades and ranges from corporate line management roles to consulting and academia. Mark specialises in applying a customer centric approach to business and gaining performance improvement through measurement. Mark's book
Based in Australia
PuMP® Performance Measurement Method

Sandra Radice

In 2018 Sandra embarked on a green change to Bali to be part of the Green School community. Sandra's book, Our Green Change is her memoir of moving to the Bamboo School in the heart of Bali's jungle.
Based in Australia

Amanda Bigelow

Amanda is a Food As Medicine Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Intuitive  Healer, and Author of Powered by Health. Amanda delivers the Anytime Detox Cleanse, a three-week gentle detoxing and cleansing program.
Based in Queensland

Katrina McCarter

Author, speaker, award winning business woman  and founder of Marketing to Mums, Katrina McCarter is a trailblazer and expert strategist in the field of selling to mums. Katrina's book
Based in in Australia


Amina Eastham-Hillier

Amina Eastham-Hillier N.D is an award wining  Australian Practitioner of the year’.  Amina specialises in chronic infections and complex cases that often have yet to be diagnosed. Her unique diagnostic skills and functional medicine testing have successfully helped thousands of chronically ill patients. Amina's book
Based on on the Sunsine Coast
Wildcrafting Workshops  Masterclass

Penny Locaso

A coach, keynote speaker, yogi, author and imperfect experimenter, Penny is on a mission to teach 10 million humans, just like you, to flourish by 2025. After 20 years in corporate change management, she knew the life she was living was not in alignment with the things that truly mattered to her. Her happiness had been side-lined by her busyness. Penny's book
Based in Australia
IAQ assessment
  Happy Hub

Pia Smith Orleane Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith

Laarkmaa is a loving group of interstellar beings who contacted Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith many years ago. They define themselves as "one of six and six of one", meaning that they have both individual aspects and a unified consciousness. Using the Pleiades as a base for helping humanity, they communicate with Cullen and Pia, heart to heart, through the energy of  love. Pia and Cullen's books
Based in the USA  Services

Ashati, Jerome Baudel

ASHATI developed by Jerome Baudel, is an accelerated energy healing, meditation,  psychic,  personal and spiritual development program to help you heal your body, mind and soul, expand your awareness and higher senses,  understand your thoughts and emotions, connect with your higher-self and spirit guides, and much more. Ashati Oracle Deck

Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Training  SEQ Events

Chris Comish

Chris Comish is a Reiki Master and here to lift others up in Love and Light. Since his awakening in 2006, his wish is to share with the world to help it awaken. Chris is the founder of the City of Shamballa social network.Chris's books
Based in the UK

Yoga in Daily Life, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

The scientific master system Yoga in Daily Life is authored by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, who is a living descendant of a long line of respected yogis.  It is a holistic system of health, encompassing the science of body,  mind, consciousness and soul. The design of this System offers gradual  and steady development, regardless of the practitioner's age or physical condition. Books  Sunshine Coast Centre

Christine Cowin

Christine is a seeker who loves to experience life. For Christine knowing the truth is paramount. It has taken her many years to unfold the truth about herself in the family she was born into. She wrote her autobiography while living in Istanbul to share these learnings with others. Christine's book
Based in Australia

Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman

Lee-Anne Preddy-Ryman is a Reiki Master and has been studying and practicing the techniques she shares in her book "Why? Why Not? Don't  Let Fear Stop You From Living Your Dream" for more than ten years. Lee-Anne runs The Jasmine Sky Wellness Centire, is a Lifestyle Tutor and on the board director for Reiki Australia.
Based in Australia

Dr José van den Akker

Born and  raised in The Netherlands and having lived in Australia as a spiritually attuned migrant for more than 30 years, José is deeply committed to helping you to restore balance of body, mind, and spirit, connecting you as a spiritual being at the centre of ‘your cross’. She is a commended art therapist and author. Dr José's Book
Based in Queensland   Signature Program

Oscar Trimboll

Oscar Trimboli is an author, host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening and a sought-after keynote speaker. Along with the Deep Listening Ambassador Community, he is on a quest to create 100 million deep listeners in the workplace. Oscar has experienced first-hand the transformational impact leaders can have when they listen beyond words. Oscar's book
Based in Australia

Mira Mikulic

Mira Mikulic is a Sydney (Australia) based author, focused on spiritual awakening and complementary health. Mira guides people to recall their spiritual blueprint for this life, helping you understand who you truly are and why you are here, giving one greater insight, inner peace and above all, the successful completion of  their life’s blueprints. Mira's book
Based in Australia
     Spiritual Journey Notebook

Vanessa Lougoon

Vanessa's mission is: To help people become anchored in their spiritual power through grounded soul mastery that is liberating and EXPANSIVE and To flush out the distortions, delusions, stereotypes, and misinterpretations of spirituality – to help people recognise and navigate the inherent pitfalls of spirituality and “higher consciousness” that are largely ignored. Vanessa's Book
Based in Australia  Services

David Icke

The author of over 20 books, David Icke has been explaining how it is and predicting future events for over 30 years. He is here to flip your perceptions, expand your mind, further your awakening and ignite your potentail. David's Books
Based in the UK

Dr Debra Campbell

Dr Debra Campbell is a psychologist and former uni lecturer in relationships counselling. As a psychologist in private practice she has consulted on relationships, panic, depression, anxiety, and grief and collaborated with Dr Francis  Macnab on thought-leadership in well being, relationships and spirituality Dr Campbell's Book
Based in Australia Consultations

Karen Milder

Karen is an Australian Independent Multidisciplinary Artist researching identity. She is investigating the individual creative self within a location to understanding the vulnerability and resilience within constant environmental and social changes. Karen's Books
Based in Brisbane

Kerrie Atherton

Kerrie is the founder of EMPOWER Life Solutions and Stories of Hope Worldwide and helps people through traumatic events in their lives and empowering them
through counselling, therapy and community connection to find healing, purpose and HOPE. Kerrie's Books.
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane

Roxanne read's and writes books. She is a qualified journalist and ghost writer who enjoys meeting amazing people, uncovering their
messages and showcasing them to the world through the written word. Roxanne's book
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Lincoln Rawlins

Lincoln has always had a philosophy of kindness towards himself and  towards others. Lincoln is proof that anyone can harness the power of story to make a difference in the world. It is his hope that anyone who reads Sprout’s Idea will be more conscious of the words they speak and their actions around others. Lincoln's Book
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Michelle Bihary

Michelle is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and mentor. She applies neuroscience and  emerging psychological research to ensure future organisational success  is built aligned with employees’ potential and wellbeing, not at their
expense. Michelle helps help unleash the potential performance of leaders and professionals in ways that make organisations thrive. Michelle's book
Based in Australia

Lisa Jayne

Lisa takes the experience of finding her own authentic self to help others end the ‘battles’ with loved ones transform their relationships into safe, supportive environments in which they can grow and flourish. Lisa's book 'The Emotionally Powerful Mother' 
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Heart Program,    Consultations,

Henry Osiecki

Henry is a nutritional biochemist and founder of  Bio Concepts.  A passion for natural medicine, paired with a firm belief in its ability to transform the lives of those whose quality of life is decimated by increasingly complex conditions, was the spark that created Bio Concepts.  Henry's book The Nutrient Bible
Based in Brisbane

Helen Slater

Helen helps individuals & organisations to align, helping them be heard (Acknowledged) and helped (Solution Focused); to get
on the 'same page'. Helen's book Survive And Thrive Through Your Separation: Embrace Change And Live Your Best Life!

Based on the Sunshine Coast

Lana Penrose

An author, writer and
breeder of endangered marsupials,  Lana is also a former record company promotions manager, music journalist, television producer and pop star assistant.  Lana now writes, meditates and works as a professional counsellor. Lana's book
Based in Australia

Laurie Steed

Laurie is a short story and novelist by trade, who has turned his hand to writing a memoir about parenting - a much-needed gentler take on why it matters that we’re kind, calm, and compassionate with our kids and ourselves. Laurie's book, Love, DAD: Confessions of an Anxious Father
Based in Perth, Australia

Heinz Gugger

Hienz quit the corporate world and
moved to own one of Australia’s largest persimmon fruit farms. Over the next 15 years, Heinz transformed the  traditional chemically farmed land into a thriving holistic and  biodynamic farm using subtle energy techniques, dowsing, and radionics.  Heinz is a dowsing and radionics practitioner and teacher and is  dedicated to empowering people to take their power back.  Book: Dare to Manifest
Based on the Sunshine Coast
Coarse  Dowsing Coarse Quantum Broadcaster

Deb Gilmore and Leanne Winston

Inner Soul Guidance has been created by Leanne and Deb to help
awaken your soul. Their wish is to help you tune into your intuition, to
enhance your knowledge while helping you get back in touch with the gifts you were born with. Inner Soul Guidance Oracle Cards
Based in Australia

Izzy Ivy

Izzy Ivy is passionate about grounding inspiring wisdoms from other  realms, through word and paint. Her art gives voice to her mystical experiences, adventures and all she encounters in her spiritual and healing work.  Izzy feels incredibly inspired with reminding others that magic does exist and that we all hold the codes for becoming the greatest version of ourselves. Izzy's Oracle Decks
Based in America
Art Classes

Lee Harris

Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Channeler and Musician who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life! Lee's books.
Based in the UK

Steve Noble

This planet is going from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness. This shift has been planned for some time. Many Starseeds have incarnated here to help with the shift. Steve works to support those going through the ascension/awakening process. He has created Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. Steve's book.
Based in America  5D Ascension School

Telos Australia and Aurelia Louise Jones

Telos Australia is part of a growing international non-profit organization who study, practice, and distribute books of channeled transcripts from Spiritually Ascended Masters, and predominately from a highly evolved Lemurian, Master Adama. Telos Volumes 1 to 3
Based in Australia and World Wide
The Ascension Ceremony

Donna Eden and Dr David Feinstein

For 40+ years Donna has been teaching people how to work with the body's energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality. Donna is among the world's most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Donna's husband, Dr David Feinstein is a clinical psychologist and a pioneer in developing innovative therapeutic approaches. Donna and David's Books.
Based in America

Spiritualist Society of Athens "The Devine Light"

These Leaders and Teachers of the Spirit World have  communicated teachings and messages that will help the spiritual awakening of humanity in the ages to come. They have revealed to us a wealth of knowledge, from metaphysical truths to mysteries of the Universe and they have shown us what our purpose on this planet is. They are heralding the coming of a new era on Earth. The Society's Publications
Based in Greece

Pema Chodron Foundation

Beloved Buddhist teacher, author, nun and mother, Pema Chodron has inspired millions of people from around the world who have been touched  by her example and message of practicing peace in these turbulent times. The Pema Chodron Foundation is dedicated to preserving and sharing  Pema’s inspiration and teachings in order that they might help us all  awaken wisdom and compassion in  ourselves and the world around us.
Based in America

Lianne Van Der Walt

A world traveler and global resident, Lianne believes travelling takes one outside of yourself, it expands your awareness, and it grows your experience of all
of life. Her is my passion – writing about what she sees and experiences. Lianne's book
Based in Australia

Rae Diamond

An artist and educator, Rae states 'As our species now faces problems that are beyond the bounds of logical  solutions, I am devoted to creating work that cultivates faculties of  the mind beyond the limits of logic and of the known. It is these  compassionate and interconnected mind-states that stimulate ideas and  actions that bring us into balance with our  bodies, with each other, and
with nature Rae's Oracle deck
Based in America


Lightstar is a High Frequency Attunement Artist, Celestial Channel, Author, and Starseed Ambassador. She serves as a  catalyst and spiritual teacher to assist others in discovering their gifts and re-aligning to their natural state is a passion for Lightstar. Speaking over 20 Light Languages  that cleanse, shift, calm, energize, heal, upgrade, and inspire new levels of  transformation for humanity. Lightstar's Oracle Decks.
Based in America   Starseed courses  

Robyn Singh

A wellness coach, paddling coach and yoga instructor Robyn is a two-time Molokai Outrigger World Champion, she has also coached Outrigger teams in both Hawaii and Australia as well as Hawaii Canoe Kayak Team (HCKT) and Junior USA Canoe/Kayak paddlers at Olympic
training center camp. Robyn's book
Based on the Sunshine Coast

Annette Noontil

Annette was a caring, loving, giving soul. Her aim was to help as many people as possible to understand their ailments, link them to their thoughts, then move forward with positive actions. Annette lived by the belief that ‘The keys to the kingdom are deep within you’. Annette's Books
Annette was based in Brisbane

Sarah Key

Sarah Key is one of the world's leading experts and authors in the treatment of back pain. Sarah runs breakthrough health retreats on proactive health and back pain treatment in both New South Wales (Australia) and Cornwall (UK). Sarah also  teaches graduate physiotherapists in her 'Masterclasses: The Biomechanical Treatment of Back Pain. Sarah's books
Based in Australia

Elizabeth April

Elizabeth is a cosmic channeler and a celebrated artist. She has glimpsed the vibrational frequencies of truth and is committed to disseminating that wisdom, fulfilling her karmic duty of enlightenment. Elizabeth's book
Based in America

Leah Shoman

Leah Shoman is an intuitive empath who has been working with crystals to empower and heal for a decade. With a well-travelled mind that is always open and searching for new information, she has collected a diverse knowledge about the tangible and transcendent qualities of minerals. Leahs' Decks
Based in Queensland

Michelle Wanasundera

Michelle is a freelance writer, editor and children’s book author, passionate about nature, family, travel and of course, storytelling. Michelle's children's book Bubbles and Puddles
Based in Australia

Dylan Willis

Dylan helps you Expand your awareness, deepen your connection to yourself, others and
The Source from which you came, and discover meaning and purpose in your life that transcend your time on earth.  Dylan's mission is to Start A Revolution Of Self-Empowered Leaders!  Dylan's book
Based in Brisbane

Tracy Loughlin

Tracy has been passionate about illustration. She is happiest digging in the garden, being near the water and drinking tea. Tea Time is her first oracle card deck.
Based in Australia