It Takes a Village

We love to support local. There's many wonderful, local businesses on the Sunshine Coast that can help you on your journey. Here's just a few...


Stargazer Astrology
Chirone Shakti 0421 814459
[email protected]
Location: Mooloolaba, Online
Provide: Teaching Astrology at all levels from Beginner to Advanced/Practitioner Classes, personal tuition, also online courses available on the Stargazer Astrology Academy, Astrology consultations
Specialise In: Astrology students come to me to learn about Astrology, expand their astrological knowledge and improve their interpretation skills. Astrology clients come for many reasons, often in times of life crisis, relationship issues or needing greater clarity about moving forward in life. (I’m also a counsellor & holistic therapist, see separate entry).


Leonie McNamara
0426 811 212 [email protected]
Location: Online…and 8/102 Burnett Street, Buderim
: Services focusing on personal transformation and empowerment, with an emphasis on energy and mindset mentoring. My approach, backed by over 25 years of experience, is centred on aiding individuals in finding clarity, confidence, inner peace, and healing from within.
Specialise In: Assisting individuals to overcome unresolved trauma, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and more, through a blend of proven, unique techniques including NLP, Intuitive Hypnosis, Reiki, and other personal development methods.
Book Club Recommendations:  "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay, "Hidden Secrets of Self Healing" by Leonie McNamara ,  "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" by Dr. Wayne Dyer Each of these books has been a beacon in my journey, and I hope they will light the way for others as well.

Inspired Robyn
Robyn Ellis 0402310202 [email protected]
: Buderim
: Online Distance, Remote while you sleep and In-Person Energy Healings
Specialise In: Body Healing for pain, chronic illness, illness recovery, emotional release, trauma release, ancestral and past life healing. Lived experience with chronic diagnosis of MS. Personal Development for headspace - to Lifestyle changes - to discovering the power of energy healing first via Reiki then via connection with my guides, the Archangels especially Michael, Metatron and Raphael, Christ Consciousness and the Ascended Masters, Galactic and Spirit Guides who will sometimes bring through psychic surgery.
Book Recommendations:
Dying to be Me by Anita Joorjani, The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W. Dyer, Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks,The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Living Inspired
Christine Maudy 0418 188 210
[email protected]
Location: 83 Parsons Knob Rd West Woombye
Provide: Reiki Treatments and Courses - Past Life Regression Therapy & Practitioner Training - Shamanic Treatment (Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Womb Healing) and Courses - Ceremonies, Initiations and Sacred Circles
Specialise In: I am supporting men and women release beliefs and emotional blocks that prevent them to be fully in their power and those ready to create a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Reiki treatments may assist relieve anxiety, pain management, grief, depression, insomnia

Soul Arts International
Zoe Gaia (Zoe Dodds) 0411819188
[email protected]
Location: Killawarra Rd Lake MacDonald, Sunshine Coast Provide: Retreats & International Training in 'Feminine Embodiment' Arts, Sacred Cacao Facilitation, Circle Facilitation, Art Therapy and Shamanic Studies (Munay Ki Rites of Initiation). Training for Healers, Practitioners and Facilitators in the Sacred, Creative Arts. Specialise In: Relaxing Day Retreats in Nature, Training for Healers, Practitioners and Facilitators in the Sacred, Creative Arts

WholeSoul Healing
Sue Rowse 0467626333  [email protected]
Location: Sunshine Beach
Whole Soul Healing; Modalities include Bowen Therapy Family Patterns : removing blocks or patterns that have blocked or hindered your growth, patterns, beliefs and triggers. Readings Retreats Workshops Kinesiology Meditation classes Healing Facials Charka Balancing
is removing blocks that have stopped/hindered your growth this life time! A Soul Healing is a great place to start to move you forward!

Inspire Your Wave  
Emma Rising 0401 541 340
[email protected]
Location: Sunshine Beach, Online Business
Provide: Subconscious Healing, Intuition Training, Wellness Courses & Retreats
Specialise In: Enhancing Intuitive Abilities & Healing Life-Long Difficulties.

The Enchantress
Monica Finazzo 0401265668
[email protected]
Location: Diddillibah/ Woombye/ Nambour/ Palmwoods
Provide: Tarot Readings, Energy Healings, CertifiedCourses, Author.
Specialise In: Certified Energy Healer Practitioner Training, Certified Tarot Readers.

mago menla
Marco Debie 0432 362 219
[email protected]
Location: 23 Vernon Street Nambour
: Integrative Sound Therapy - 1 to 1, groups sessions and events/corporate Original Breath Didjeridu - An integrative healing modality of mindful- awareness, breathwork and didjeridu play (self-sound healing) - one to one tuition, men's groups courses and workshops
Specialise In: Support people to find more balance, clarity and direction. Anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, energy healing, self-inquiry, deep relaxation, emotional healing

Quantum Healing Noosa
Tanya Cairns & Tim Mandeville 0433 510 845
[email protected]
Location Suite 409/90 Goodchap Street, Noosaville QLD 4566
Provide: 24 Unit Energy Enhancement system sessions (2 hr, 4 hr, overnight)
Specialise In: Energy Enhancement system developed by Dr Sanda Rose Michael – more information on the EE system can be found here with Interviews with Dr Sandra Rose Michael (part 1, 2 & Q&A) and also a great video by Jason Shurka explaining the science behind the EE system in more detail Videos and Publications – Quantum Healing Noosa

Diamond Light Quantum Transformations
Carol Aravena +61 427106009
[email protected]
Location: Sunshine Coast, 5 Coryule St. Battery Hill
: Intuitive Bio-Energetic services to clear, heal and restore the Human Energy Field
Specialise In: Emotional healing and spiritual/subconscious coaching

The Breath Geek
Adam Stanecki 0419 359 484 [email protected]
Location Sunshine Coast and online
Provide Optimal breath coaching and instruction for health, wellness, and performance
Specialise In Optimal breathing for asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, breathing dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and improved work and athletic performance.

Harp & Healing
Hayley Erin Phone 0401 319 088 [email protected]
Location  Sunshine coast
:  Harpist for performance,Harpist for Weddings, Harpist for funerals, Harpist for ceremomies, Vibrational healing, Sound healing, private sessions and facilitation for groups on retreat. Sound healing collaborations with Restorative Yoga. Meditation and Yoga Nidra, with harp accompaniment.
Specialise In:
  Vibrational Healing and Harpist for Events as mentioned above.
Hayley’s Book Club: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden


Your Body Has The Answer
Elizabeth Hughes 0457066975
[email protected]
Location: Peregian Springs, Worldwide online health and kinesiology courses
Provide: Health and kinesiology online training courses for better living
Specialise In: Courses to heal health issues such as insomnia, digestive issues, clearing negative emotions, creating abundance and testing with Kinesiology.
Elizabeth’s Book Club: Your Body Has The Answer by Elizabeth Hughes, Your Child's Body Has The Answer by Elizabeth Hughes

Sarah Ditchfield Naturopathy
Sarah Ditchfield
Email: [email protected]
Location: Sunshine Coast, Online Business
Provide: Clinical Naturopathic and Nutritional support.
Specialise In: Work specifically in gut and digestive health, hormonal health, stress and fatigue and microbiome (gut and vaginal)

Allergy and Health Clinic
Jane Tredrea 0405090028
[email protected]
Location: Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast
Specialise In: Treating allergies and food sensitivities and most diseases. I also specialise in energetic treatments such as Theta Healing.

Noosa Homoeopathic
Carolyn Graham 0431 036 495 [email protected]
Location: 7 Sunset Drive, Noosa Heads, Qld. 4567
: Classical Homoeopathic Treatment
in: All people, all ages, all reasons both mental/emotional and physical ailments.

Vanessa Lamaro Naturopath
Vanessa Lamaro 07 5479 1212
[email protected]
Active Living, 3/81 Sixth Avenue, Maroochydore, 4558
: Naturopathic consultations, herbal and nutritional medicines 
Specialise In: Almost all issues and all ages. Special interests are hormones, fertility, gut and mental health

Ease of Life Kinesiology
Yamuna 04222 68975 [email protected]
Location Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Kureelpa near Mapleton)
: Kinesiology for personal and spiritual development
Specialise In: Healing Trauma, changing believes, general wellbeing
Yamuna’s Book Club: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

The Chi Hub Noosa; The Chi Hub Nambor
Teagan Banyan 0410 244 722 [email protected]
Location: Unit4/22 Venture Drive, Noosaville ; 54-56 Blackall Terrace, Nambour
: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage (Lomi Lomi, Pregnancy, Fertility Massage, Womb Massage), Pranic Healing, Energy Healing, Neuro-Muscular Release, PACH, Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, Art Therapy, Psychic & Holistic Beauty and Skin. Specialise In - Wellness

Healing Heart Space
Claire Elaine 0410 503767
[email protected]
Location Witta, near Maleny
: Online and in Person Health, Wellbeing, Lifestyle Consultancy. Professional Kinesiology Balancing, Touch For Health - lessons and classes. Healing Touch, Reiki. Meditation training and groups, Personal Enhancement Program, Classes - Stress Release Made Easy, Vision Enhancement, Kinesiology for Kids, Eat right - Live right, Staying Stable, Mental Fitness Exercises, Energy & Vitality Exercises, Emotional Stress Release, plus other short classes on demand.
In: I support women over 40 who have doubts, worries & pains around their ageing, are still dealing with unresolved conflicts, suffering from historical trauma, injury to their self-esteem and/or diminished personal power . They are ready to devote some time to themselves after so much commitment to others. They are now ready to learn self-healing and soothing behaviours, to move towards greater health, satisfaction and fulfillment. I do this using a combination of neuroscience and ancient wisdom. I help these women to tap into their inner wisdom, their body wisdom, feel into their energetic selves, clear internal blockages and create a life supporting their real needs. To achieve this we use natural health and healing techniques, Kinesiology methodology, my Personal Enhancement Program, and Touch For Health Empowerment Course. This is done both in person and online, face to face, individually and in groups.

Embodied Therapeutics
Jaime-Lee Hind 0431373497
[email protected]
Location: Kin Kin and Sunshine Coast
: ZenThai Shiatsu, Aquatic Bodywork, KaHuna Massage, Rebirthing/Breathwork, Life Coaching, Relational Breathwork, Groupwork
Specialise In: Embodiment, expression, trauma, touch.

Leah Corey Wellness
Leah Corey 0435716395 [email protected]
Location Wurtulla, SC
: Bodywork that helps to mobilize, relieve tension, and unwind from the daily pains and stresses of life. Supportive practices you can use to continue your journey when the session finishes.
Specialise In
: Bodywork - Zenthai shiatsu, energy clearings/healings, and yoga

Karen McElroy 0411 889533 [email protected]
Location The Grove, Cooroy Mountain & Noosa Holistic Health, Noosa
: naturopath, holistic counsellor, mind-body medicine, anthroposophic medicine, Psych-K facilitator, Biofield Tuning Practitioner and shamanic energy medicine (celtic tradition)
Specialise in:
all physical, mental and emotional health issues, spiritual counselling, meditation, personal development, energetic & emotional blocks.


Caloundra Movement Lab Physio
Seb Dearle 0424440743
[email protected]
Location: 11 Newing Way Caloundra West Caloundra
Provide: Physiotherapy, rehab, pain management
Specialise In: Chronic pain, chronic disease, running and exercise related injuries and queries (how to exercise to optimise health and longevity)
Seb’s Book Club : Atomic Habits by James Clear, The Wisdom of your Cells by Bruce Lipton

Synergy Physio and Synergy Women
Niky Hamilton [email protected] and
Location: Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast
Provide: Health and wellbeing
Specialise In: Physio- hip pain, back pain and women's health conditions
Synergy women- building resilience through grief

Meher Clinic
Roy Hayes 07 54422511
[email protected]
Location: Kiel’s Mountain
Provide: Health services including Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbalism, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Massage, Pregnancy and Birthing
Specialise In: General health problems plus long Covid etc

Absolute Potential Health & Performance
Sissy Taufika 0422 353 780
[email protected]
Location: Hideaway Place Mons, 4556
: Pediatrics & Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Life Coaching.
In: Integrative wellness studio specialising in kids and mums. NDIS provider

Kahu Geor & Free 0435 110 964, 0435 207 260 [email protected]
Location Mt Ninderry Healing Center
: Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork treatments (based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine - 5 Element theory and Ayurvedic Medicine) Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork therapy, blended with singles/couples coaching and relatingship support.
Specialise In: Bringing bodies back into balance with movement, alignment, conscious awareness & focused intention. Singles/ Couples coaching and Relating-ship Support


Chirone Shakti - Holistic Therapy & Counselling
Chirone Shakti 0421 814459
[email protected]
Location: Mooloolaba, Online
Provide: Counselling, specialising in grief therapy, relationship counselling, Holistic therapy - using modalities that are gentle yet transformational
Specialise In: Grief counselling, Family dynamics, Relationship counselling - including separation issues, Transformational work - releasing any underlying issues (even if you don’t know what they are)

Lisa Jayne
Lisa Jayne 0416 126 216
[email protected]
Location: Eumundi
Provide: I teach people how to master their emotions and elevate the quality of all their relationships. I provide one on one coaching, talks, workshops and online programs. 
Specialise In : I find many women come to me after a breakup so they don’t attract the same type of relationship, and they want to feel better about themselves and unlock more clarity around their purpose. Many of these women need help with issues around trust, effective communication and self esteem. I also work with men who are needing help in their relationships - anger issues, lack of trust due to infidelity and wanting to experience more intimacy with their partner.
Lisa's Book Club: The Emotionally Powerfull Mother by Lisa Jayne

Horizons Clinical Hypnotherapy
Dr Christina Kargillis (EdD) 0481 312 173
[email protected]
Location: Coolum Beach
Provide: Hypnotherapy and NLP services
Specialise In: Anxiety and depression, weight issues, habits, confidence and motivation, trauma recovery, other psychologically based problems.
Dr Christina’s Book Club: The Brain That Changes Itself by N. Doidge

Intimacy Whisperer
Pauline Ryeland 0411 701 594
[email protected]
Location: Mudjimba and Online
Provide: Pauline Ryeland, Intimacy Whisperer ® works as an Intimacy, Sex, Libido & Relationship Coach & Educator. She is a certified Somatic Sexological Body Worker, Tantra Teacher & Facilitator and a Master Trainer & Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Errikson Hypnotherapy, a Results Coach & Performance Consultant and Access Consciousness Body facilitator.
Pauline is also a certified Havening Technique ® Trauma Specialist working with Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Phobia which can deal with a variety of challenges.
Pauline works as a Transformational Coach and Leader, working with individuals and couples around challenges they may be experiencing with intimacy, sex, relationships and everything in between. Pauline works with all aspects of mind, body and spirit to bring you to a place of alignment with your intimate and sexual desires.
Pauline calls herself the “libido specialist” and works with women who have lost their libido, experiencing painful sex and not experiencing orgasm, internal pain, plus a whole lot more.  Pauline also works with men with no libido, erectile challenges, Peyronnie’s Disease, Prostate problems, porn addiction, genital pain and numbness.
Pauline is passionate about awakening people to their full potential as sexual beings as well sustainability of relationships, helping couples to deepen their connections.
Pauline is also an author and number 1 Amazon best seller in 5 categories of Empowered Conscious Sexuality - From Prude to Pleasure. The book shares her personal journey and vulnerability of becoming a Sex Therapist. It's combined with juicy content, the type of modalities she uses, problems she solves with activities to do solo or with a partner.


Blossom Bodycare
Katie Noakes 0439762303
[email protected]
Location: Shop B. 97 Memorial Drive Eumundi
: Bodywork and Massage; Kahuna and Zen Thai, Bodywork massage training, Aromatherapy, Natural skincare and herbal medicine
Specialise In
: All muscular problems, stress pain, injuries, learning to manage and understand one’s body. Skin maintenance and problems


The Milky Days

Sarah Elphick 0423708729
[email protected]
Location: 17 Parrot Place Mountain Creek
Provide: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Midwife.
Specialise In: Breastfeeding support, such as Sore/damaged nipples, Mastitis/blocked milk ducts, Low milk supply, Slow weight gain, Oversupply, Reflux/unsettled babies/colic, Infant allergies/intolerances, Feeding with nipple shields, Correcting positioning and attachment, Assessment for tongue tie and management plan, Breastfeeding twins/triplets

Midwife Sylvia Jenkin
Sylvia 0449504609
[email protected]
Location. Sunshine Coast
: Midwife and LC in private practice
In pregnancy care, home births (water births, acuneedling) , postnatal care
Silvia’s Book Club: New Active Birth by Janet Balskas,Spiritual midwifery by Ina May Gaskin

Fantastic Futures
Philippa Scott 0423385059
[email protected]
Location: Luna Wellness Collective Yandina and online
Provide: Therapy for the prevention and healing of Birth Trauma through TRTP, Parenting preparation programs, Beer and Bub's - childbirth education for dads

Lil' Mumma Care
Lily Greenhalgh 0455491999
[email protected]
Location: Maroochydore, Support all Sunshine Coast region
Provide: I provide pregnancy, birth and postpartum support through my doula business, which includes sharing my birth knowledge, guiding women and their families through the medical system with continuity of care and a high level of advocacy. I also provide hypnobirthing education in the Lil’ Mumma Care- Hypnobirthing class.
Specialise In: Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

Birth Hero
Sophie Armstrong 0435 492 720
[email protected]
Location:: Buderim and all Sunshine Coast
Provide: Birth Coaching and Doula Services
Specialise In: Prenatal, birth and postpartum support

Fuelling Success
Bonnie 0435 379 953
[email protected]
Location: 38 Maud St, Maroochydore QLD 4558 and online
Provide: health coaching (dietetics and clinical hypnotherapy for assisting you to break free of old patterns, regain your energy and enjoy life)
Specialise In: Freedom from eating disorders and eating issues.

Carrie Jeff
[email protected]
Suburb Sunshine Coast
Provide: Pre & Postnatal Yoga, HypnoBirthing, Teacher Training
Specialise In: Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Zoe Meacham 0460840810
Location: Peregian Beach, Supporting Sunshine Coast
Provide: Private Midwifery Practice
Specialise In: Antenatal and Postnatal Continuity of care

Natural Birth Co
Amy Paulinich 0466495272
[email protected]
2/22 Beach Rd Maroochydore
Provide: We help you and your partner prepare physically and mentally for a natural birth experience- with Midwifery-led Yoga, Pilates, and Workshops.
Specialise In: Natural Birth Preparation

Mama Blooming
Sharon Arthur 0438 240 676
[email protected]
Location Glass House Mountains & Sunshine Coast, mobile to you
* Massage: pregnancy, labour preparation sessions, postpartum, general relaxation, remedial
* Workshops: Partner preparation for birth and beyond
* Baby Massage: a five week course inviting mums to learn to massage their baby, and experience the many benefits of this deeper connection, with both bub, and the other women in circles
* In home postpartum doula care - a very individualised service for each Mama.
Specialising In Mama Care, beginning in pregnancy and supporting you through your early postpartum years.


Anne Clark
Annie 0402 166 187
[email protected]
Sunshine Ridge Evans Road, Cooroy
Provide: Wellness Retreats, Raw Food Workshops, Self published 19 books on health and lifestyle topics
Specialise In: Lifestyle consultations, Iridology, NES, Workshops, Restore and Aromatherapy afternoons. Work with individuals and groups. Have Lifestyle Reset Retreats.

Meditation Sunshine Coast
Michelle Eckles 0438 915 830 [email protected] and
: Mindfulness and meditation programs, coaching, workshops and retreats
Specialise In
: Adventures for the Soul (aka mindfulness retreats)

Heartland Meadows Retreat
Jenny Oakley 0459 995 880
[email protected]
Location: 44 Meadows Lane, Chatsworth, QLD 4570
: At Heartland Meadows Retreat we offer a range of holistic wellness retreats to nourish and elevate your heart, mind, body and spirit. We are one of Queensland’s best health retreats and offer affordable and restorative retreats to support all of our guests on their journey of wellness. Heartland Meadows Retreat provides a pause from the busy-ness of life and time to rediscover and reconnect with yourself. Our retreats are relaxing and restorative, providing nourishing vegetarian food, a myriad of wellness activities, and workshops and space for reflection and personal growth. We offer a number of retreats each month: Restorative retreats, healing retreats, spiritual retreats, women’s retreats.
Specialise In: Our retreats are designed to elevate all aspects of wellness; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Unwind in the heated magnesium pool, detox in the infra-red sauna, relax in the library or gardens, or attend all or some of the guided offerings – the choice is yours. We individually tailor a program for each guest, with many opportunities for alone time and for connecting with others. Some of our offerings include meditation, massage, art classes, gentle yoga, mantras, somatic movement, drumming circles, bush walks, dolphin feeding and sound healings. Each retreat program is designed to assist our guests to relax, restore and rejuvenate. Daily seminars, art explorations, meditation and workshops are an integral part of the Heartland Meadows experience, providing opportunities for self-discovery and reflection. And there’s a lot of fun and laughter in an environment of love and acceptance.


Amanda Davidson
Amanda 0432182465
[email protected]
Location: Home based Studio in Warana
: Mixed Media Art Lessons for adults, children and homeschool community
Specialise In: Acrylics, Watercolour, Collage, Mono & Lino Printing, Stencil & Etching


Yoga in Daily Life Sunshine Coast
Yamuna 04222 68975 [email protected]
Location: 6/80 Sixth Ave Cottontree, Maroochydore
: Yoga classes, courses, workshops, Yoga therapy
Specialise In: Yoga for everyone, classical, Meditation & Relaxation, music evenings

Buderim Yoga
Lyn Moes   07 54453315 [email protected]
Location:   Buderim Qld.  
  Regular Weekly Yoga Classes and Meditation Classes all stages and levels
Specialise In
:  Being able to help people heal, through the breath, correct postures and lifestyle and to maintain a healthy bodymind and spirit.  Also Private consultations one on one are available to talk about health, happiness and help where needed with natural therapies.

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